As you can see from the map we are located in one of the best locations for exploring Florence, to enter the heart of the city you can simply take the elevator and go up to the ground floor and you will be now in the beautifull Piazza della Repubblica, which is located between Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, accessible both by foot in less than 2 minutes.










History of Piazza della Repubblica

Right from the origins of Florence, Piazza della Repubblica was its the beating heart, in fact Cesariana colony founded in 59 BC had its own forum urbis where the Piazza is located today.
In the following centuries the square has always played a central role, here were the Old Market of medieval Florence, and here were the first houses when the Medici moved from Mugello to Florence.
The Column of wealth, or column of the Abundance that from 1431 seems to mark the navel of the city, hold a stone statue representing Abundance, work of Giovan Battista Foggini, replace an earlier Donatello’s, irreparably deteriorated. This is the only evidence remaining in the square, which was completely transformed during the 800 remediation.

In 1885  begun the demolition of the old houses and the enlargement of the square up to the present size.
In 1889 was placed in the presence of the King, the equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, then removed in 1931 to be located in Piazzale delle Cascine.
The square took the current name after the referendum in 1946 when the Italians chose the Republic as their form of government.
The good location, within walking distance of the major monuments, historical cafés and typical restaurants that surround it, the street artists performing in the square at twilight make this the perfect location for romantic or commercial meetings.

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